Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Glass Products

The remarkable versatility of sight flow indicators makes them extremely useful in a variety of industries to monitor and verify fluid flow through filtering, cooling, intake and output pumping, as well as other industrial processes. The use of sight flow indicators is the most efficient way to ascertain if and where problems exist at any point along an industrial process line.

Sight flow indicators are useful in both new and older power plants to monitor the flow of critical fluids, such as water in cooling lines or lubricants that are pumped to turbines in hydro-electric generators. Today’s newer flow indicators are more reliable and often replace aging models during system upgrades.

Sight Flow Indicators – Some industries are using sight flow indicators, including wastewater treatment plants that use them to monitor the filtering process visually. The most common point to install them would be at the second stage aeration tank pumping lines to verify sludge removal and ensure efficient aeration.

Sight Glass Indicator Visi Flo 1400

The petroleum industry utilizes flow indicators to monitor drilling pump operations visually. These indicators provide the operator with a window to show if dirty fluids are being pumped from a down-hole hydraulic cleaning process.

In the manufacturing industry, sight flow indicators are used in a variety of ways, for example, to monitor the draining of hydraulic oil, monitoring the proper flow of coolant, and ensuring the efficient filtration of process fluids.

The chemical industry uses flow indicators in a vast number of companies that primarily include the following:

• Paint and Varnish Processing Plants: Sight flow indicators are used to notify operators when filters become clogged.
• Distilling Operations: Sight flow indicators are used to gauge the color and clarity of fluids.
• Refineries: Sight flow indicators are used to monitor the draining of water from the bottom of storage tanks. The visual presence of oil in the indicator is a signal that the water is completely drained.

Anywhere that fluids are used is an applicable location for the installation of sight flow indicators. Whether you’re using them to monitor quality, maintain efficiency, or as a safety measure, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with the high quality of these maintenance-free sight flow indicators. and can help you with any site flow and site glass need!

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